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Etiquette for Menace Hearts

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Etiquette for Menace Hearts Empty Etiquette for Menace Hearts

Post by Jane Maida on Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:18 pm

So with permission I have for now stole the SM rules and guidelines, because we all know this is the best way.

It is our mission to ensure that all of our members of the Menace Heart family and friends have a pleasurable, fun and SAFE experience. As with every family there are house rules and expectations and it is our duty to ensure that our family is protected. This is a place to have fun with mutual respect for one another and where there is an opportunity to voice ones opinion without judgment. To assist with this we have comprised a code of conduct that all members are expected to conform to. Below you will find a detailed description of the above mentioned with an action plan.
Please keep in mind that they may be incidents where the officers feel it necessary or appropriate to break the protocol that we have set in place.

The following behaviors will not be tolerated under any circumstances while playing on the game or posted in the forum, not only will we remove you from the family but we will report you to Mickey as we take these matters very seriously.

1) Sharing personal information in game:
This meaning: specific place of residence, telephone numbers, account information (whether game or banking), ID’s or passwords There are children in the guild and it is our desire and responsibility to protect them from any would be predators. Do not share your age, or specific place of residence.

With that being said, we do realize that over time it is only natural for friendships to be made, we do want to get to know all members better, so if comfortable sharing personal information along the lines of age, marital status, if you have kids, what state you live in (be careful with this one, Mickey frowns upon it), what you do for a living, etc. While this is personal information, it is not information that leads to your door step, and is acceptable within the guild.

2) Cruel, Sexual or obscene conversations with other members. Again this is a place to have fun and be safe with respect.

If the above mention happens and you are allowed to stay in the guild then this will be an automatic strike.

The following is a set of rules and guidelines that we would like all members to conform to out of respect for our fellow pirates. If these rules are broken after an officer has made you aware then a strike will be given, officers are expected to explain the 3 strike policy to you before the strike is given. Please refer to the 3 strike policy that follows. Please be aware that officers will make you aware of the guidelines and it is not an automatic strike if a rule/guideline is broken, officers are here to keep you informed.

1) When sailing with the team, never take the helm of the captain's ship unless the captain has offered it to you or you have asked permission. This would be similar to borrowing your parent’s car, but not telling them you took it. Not good.

2) Disrespect to any member will not be tolerated.

3) Please do not use all caps in the chat boxes, unless expressing excitement, it is YELLING and that is rude.

4) If something is said in chat that you find offensive or rude please kindly let the members know and I am sure the members will quickly adjust their conversation or tone.

Please keep in mind that Mickey has a twisted sense of humor. If you sent someone a whisper and they did not reply, assume that Mickey was at fault for this. There have been several occasions that whispers have not been received and it was assumed they were.

5) Please be specific when asking for and receiving help. This will help alleviate the frustration that goes with miscommunication. Do you want someone to heal you so you can level, or need help defeating the enemy? When receiving help with something like a grenade run or boss battle please listen to their feedback. Chances are they have done it before, know what to expect, and know how to complete the task without several trips to jail.

6) Our officers are here to help you whenever possible, however please keep in mind that there may be several people needing help and an officer may not be able to get to you right away. Our officers will make their best effort to help as quickly as possible. We can only meet the needs one at a time.

7) Please make a strong attempt to let the crew and guild know when you are going afk (away from keyboard) and when you have returned. This is more of a gesture of respect and alleviates frustration of feeling that you are being ignored. While we understand there will be times that you can't due to domestic duties and such, we ask that the effort be made when at all possible.

8. If at any time you have conflict with a fellow pirate we ask that you communicate with this pirate via whisper or crew chat. Do not share the conflict in guild chat as this will only add to any tension. If the conflict is not resolved between the pirates resolved, then we ask that you immediately get an officer involved to assist with the conflict resolution. Should your conflict be with an officer then immediately inform an officer that you trust or are comfortable with.

9) Please keep in mind that Mickey has a twisted sense of humor. If you sent someone a whisper and they did not reply, assume that Mickey was at fault for this. There have been several occasions that whispers have not been received and it was assumed they were.

10) By joining this family you are making a commitment to us as we are making a commitment to you, therefore we ask that you not ignore guild chat. Welcome new members as you were welcomed and please say hello and good-bye’s.
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