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Skill Points.

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Skill Points. Empty Skill Points.

Post by Jane Maida on Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:58 pm

Okay, this is stolen with permission from SM.
You can comment and build on it if you like. Please and Thanks.

When it comes to applying skill points, it can be difficult to determine which skill is
best to apply the point to. If you have any suggestions for the skill points please feel
free to reply to this. This post is simply what I have learned along the way and the tips I have gotten from my dear friends and fellow Pirates. When applying skill points, I suggest starting with one at a time, make sure you want the attack, cause once you spend them you can't get them back.


Passive Skills: Parry and Edurance.
Parry-this skill increases your chances of blocking incoming attacks. Well it does work,

but I don't know that ya really need it. I could definately live without it.
Endurance-this skill increases your maximum health, a good one to have.

Combo SKills:Hack, Slash, Cleave, and Flourish.
These all combined make your combo attack, they deal a lot of damage. Definately wanna apply skill points here.

Combo Attacks: Sweep, Brawl, Tuant, and Blade Storm.
All of these skills have a cool down time. So spend wisely.
Sweep-is great when fighting multiple enemies.
Brawl-stuns the enemy from being able to attack.
Tuant-decreases enemy aggression, making it harder for them to attack you.
Blade Storm-the name alone tells ya what it is for..LOL

Dagger:(unlocks at lv 7, I think)

This is my absolute favorite weapon (after the staff of course).

Passive Skills: Finesse and Blade Instinct.
Finesse decreases the cool down time for the dagger and cutlass. Might want to add a few points here.
Blade Instinct:Increasese the combo damage for both the cutlass and dagger, again another good one to apply skill points too.

Combo SKills: Cut, Swipe, Gouge, and Eviscerate.
Ok, these look so totally cool when put together, and the damage is great, so apply your skill points how you see fit, but keep in mind as the skill sunlock the next one deals greater damage.

Throwing Skills: Asp, Adder, Throw Dirt, Sidewinder, and VIper's Nest.
Asp-really no need to add any skill points here, it is a basic dagger throw and not much damage.
Adder-well the EITC soldiers seem to love this one. Creates a nice green poisonous cloud. Might be nice to apply a skill point or two here. Won't be used too much, but has saved me a few times.Throw Dirt-this one blinds the enemy for a bit, so it does come in handy, but only a skill point or two are needed.
Sidwinder-this one looks really cool, and wounds the enemy. A few skill point here may be nice.
Viper's Nest-This one is WICKED! Definatley wouldn't hurt to apply a few skill points here, oh and lots of damage.


Passive Skills: Sharp Shooter, Dodge and Eagle Eye.
Sharp Shooter-This increases your accuracy with the pistol and throwin daggers. Might want a few skill points here.
Dodge- I personally like to live on the wild side, and besides you cannot dodge a bullet. This is a waste of a skill if ya ask me.
Eagle Eye- another good one to have, can't hurt to apply a skill point or two here. This increases the range for your pistol and throwing daggers.

Combat Skills: Shoot and Take Aim.

Both are good. I would put some skill points here. It always helps when ya can hit the
tartget.If ya ask Robert, I need to load this one up, apparently my aim sucks..lol

Ammo Skills:Lead Shot, Venom Shot, Bane Shot, Hex Eater, Silver Shot, and Steel Shot.
So of all these ammo skills, I would apply skill points to the Bane shot and Hex Eater shot for sure. The Bane shots gives a lot of damage. THe Hex Eater is great when attacking enemies that use voodoo, a few shots and they are powerless.
Lead Shot, really no need to add skill points here.
Venom SHot-Deals a poisonous shot which looks cool, but I think the Bane shot does more damage.
Silver Shot-only effective on undead, why buy the ammo.
Steel Shot-only effective on the living, again why buy the ammo.

Voodoo Doll:(unlock at lv 5)

Passive Skills:Focus and Spirit Ward.
Focus-this increases your maximum voodoo, good one to have.
Spirit Ward-I have no clue on this one.It is supposed to increase your chances of resisting enemy attacks, I don't buy it. LOL

Combat Skill: Attune Doll.
Well mine is maxed. I can heal my friends and fight off enemies. Has come in handy several times. Just keep in mind that the more people atuned, the weaker the attack or health.

Hex Skills: Poke, Heal, Curse, Scorch, Cure, Grave SHackles, Life Drain.
In all honesty, once you unlock em the only skills you are going to use are: Heal, Cure, Grave Shackles and Life Drain. Definately want to be able to keep you friends from visiting Bruce in jail.
Grave Shackles- chains your enemy and keeps them from being able to move.
Life Drain-does just what it says, drains the life from the enemy.

Grenades:(unlocks at lv 20)
Ok, I am not the one to ask anything about these ones. The only time I have use the
grenades was to level them, oh and once I naded Robert in a pvp.

I would get someone else's opinion on this weapon.

Staff: (unlocks at lv 30)
The all time best weapon around.

Passive Skills:Concentration, Spirit Lore, and Conservation. All of them are great.
Concentration-increases you voodoo recovery, definately want that.
Spirit Lore-This increases your casting speed. Good to have when taking on lvl 35 guards while boarding a Collie.
Conservation-this decreases the amount of voodoo used when casting. Really nice.

Hex: Soul Fly, Pestilence, Wither, Flaming Skull, Banish and Desolation.
In all honesty-load up the wither and flaming skull. They look absolutely WICKED and are great for multiple enemies.
Banish is only effective against the undead, really no need for it when ya have wither and flaming skull.
Desolation-drains the life from the caster, so if ya wanna end up burried next to your
enemy, go for it.

I hope this is helpful and please add your replies, What is good for one pirate may not be good for all pIrates.

Little Mother pirate3
Jane Maida
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