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Post by Jane Maida on Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:01 am

Again stolen, I highly suggest you all create one of these. That mouse tends to sneak up on you with time outs.

When given a time out you can get on the game and continue playing even while on suspension. You need to create a child account and have it linked to unlimited account. The child account can be a limited (free) account.

1) go to www.piratesonline.com
2) Log in with your unlimited account
3) on the left you will see a menu selection called "Account Services" click it and it will expand
4) Click Create Account, follow the on screen instructions and create the account.
It should automatically link the accounts. However you can check that it did.
5) again click "Account Services" then "Manage Account"... should list your "family members" on the left and it should have your new account created. if it doesn't show up you will need to link the accounts, which you can do from the "Manage Account" section. Click the button called link account and follow the instructions.

When you get teabagged by mickey all you have to do is log in with your child account and you can bounce between the two accounts and still play your pirate.

Jane Maida
Jane Maida

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